Thangam provides round the clock, 24 hour emergency services. We have a 12 bedded casualty and trauma unit complete with monitors, ventilators and defibrillator support. Our Accident and Emergency section comes with an attached Minor Operation Theatre and 24/7 ambulance services.


The most crucial thing for any mother-to-be, is the safe delivery of a healthy child. At Thangam Hospital, we prepare young mothers for childbirth by imparting to them, everything they need to know, to care for the life growing inside them, making pregnancy a tranquil and joyful experience.

Babies’ growth in the womb and their size at birth, especially their length, are strikingly similar the world over when they are born to healthy, well-educated and well-nourished mothers. Oxford University research involving almost 60,000 pregnancies have demonstrated that a mothers’ educational, health and nutritional status during pregnancy are directly proportional to their babies’ chances of healthy growth, both in the womb and after.

At Thangam Hospital we provide antenatal classes that are open to all mothers-to-be, free of cost, and we encourage anyone with the slightest interest or query to attend. Every month expert doctors conduct these classes for pregnant women covering the topics below, besides also addressing any questions or fears that they may have.

Stages Of Pregnancy Common Problems Diet During Pregnancy Growth Of The Baby
Excises During Pregnancy Things A Father Should Know Preparation For The Day Of Delivery
Post-Delivery Care.

These classes have been instrumental in educating expecting couples, as well as in avoiding complications both during and after delivery.

For more information or to register to attend the Thangam Antenatal Clinic, contact us on 0491-2515717/18/19/20.


Thangam Hospital runs a full-fledged diabetic clinic where diabetic management is done by way of Diabetic Retinopathy Screening, Diabetic Kidney Check Up, Diabetic Peripheral Vascular Screening, Diabetic Neuropathy Screening and Diabetic Foot Study.


Thangam Hospital conducts diet counseling for all patients alongside Diabetic Education, Bio-Thesiometry, Versa Lab and Insulin Administrative Method.

We also provide a carefully planned and nourishing diet for Post-operative, Cardiac, ICU and Diabetic patients.


The state of the art Haemodialysis Centre at Thangam, is a point of great pride. The first of its kind to be established in Palakkad, it comes equipped with imported high quality dialysis machines, that function round the clock with a team of well trained, experienced staff nurses, technicians and doctors. Equipped for multiple patients to undergo dialysis at a time, it also comprises a separate area and machines allotted for infected patients.


Intensive Care Units cater to patients with the most severe and life-threatening illnesses or injuries, who require constant, close monitoring, along with support from specialised equipments and medication, in order to ensure normal bodily functions.

Thangam Hospital is staffed with several distinguished consultants as well as highly trained nurses who specialise in critical care for the seriously ill.

We have two fully equipped ICUs, complete with monitors, ventilators, echo units, defibrillators, other life saving technologies as well as several Resident Medical Officers who are always on the floor, in order to ensure that the best quality care is given to patients.


Thangam is home to an excellent, well equipped laboratory with modern instruments to conduct all types of clinical investigations.

We also make use of multiple automated machines, to conduct the following special investigations.

Biochemistry Haemotology Hepatitis Markers Immune Antibodies/Immunogloblins Hormones
Cancer Marker


At Thangam Hospital we believe in promoting natural birth by providing free antenatal education to expecting mothers. This initiative is spear-headed by highly qualified and experienced doctors who man the Department of Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Infertility and Reproductive Medicine. This Antenatal Clinic has been instrumental in preparing young mothers-to-be for childbirth, and significantly reducing their fears and concerns with regard to pregnancy and labour.

We also have facilities for painless natural delivery, and we provide Oxynox Gas as an alternative to epidurals and invasive surgeries.


In association with “Association of Learning Disabilities in India” we provide Screening, Assessment and Remediation for various learning disorders in children. This features a Learning Disability Clinic on all Tuesdays at 2 pm, Learning Disability Assessment, Learning Disability Remediation, IQ Assessment and Basic Skill Assessment, Counseling for all age groups, Behavioral Therapy, Speech Therapy, Vision Analysis and Hearing Analysis

The Thangam Learning Disability Centre is headed by a qualified trainer and provides Audiology, Speech Therapy, Group Counseling for Students, Learning Disability Programmes for Teachers and Parents, Psychological Assessment, Learning Disability Reassessment and Parent Empowerment Training.

We also conduct regular seminars to generate community awareness. Some are listed below:

  • At Cosmopolitan Club Auditorium in association with Lions Club and Indian Association of Paediatrics where nearly 1750 people attended. A seminar on Learning Disorders was conducted by Mr V.V Joseph, Founder, Association of Learning Disabilities in India and the India Vision Person of the Year 2012.
  • At CSI LP School, Palakkad
  • At Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kanjikode.
  • At Bharatmatha Convent Higher Secondary School, Chandranagar.
  • At UGBS, Coyalmannam.
  • At GHS, Nellikkurissi. Participated in SADHANA (Social & Academic Development a Harmonizing Attempt) an Educational Initiative by Mr.M.Hamza, MLA, Ottapalam.


A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an intensive care unit specialising in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. Thangam Hospital comes equipped with a 14 bedded NICU, the first of its kind in Palakkad district — Level 2 centrally air conditioned Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with C-pap, Phototherapy and Warmer facility.


Thangam Hospital has 4 fully equipped Operation Theatres suited for General Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, ENT and Urology spread over an area of 5000 square feet. We are also equipped with the most modern fluoroscopy unit, and laparoscopic high definition cameras.


The only full-fledged imaging department in town with state of the art machinery, offering 24 hour services — if it's there, we'll find it.

Digital Radiography: Other than routine radiography, we provide specialised services like IVU, MCU, BA Studies, Fistulography and HSG.

Digital Mammography: Thangam Hospital is also the only hospital in Palakkad to offer Digital Mammography Services (Semographe DMR +GE). We do both Screening and Diagnostic Mammography along with USG guided biopsy for non palpable lesions.

USG: Other than routine abdominal & obstetric ultrasounds, we perform high resolution USG of small parts like Thyroid, Breast, Scrotum, and musculoskeletal studies with our GE Wipro P5 machine with standard 4 probes. We also perform Neurosonograms and Doppler Studies apart from specialised procedures like Sonosalpingography and USG guided interventions like FNAC, Biopsy and Abscess Drainage.

CT: At Thangam Hospital we perform routine Brain and Body Imaging, Orthopedic Reconstructions as well as specialised procedures like LT Guided Aspiration, Biopsy and CT Cisternography, using a Multislice Toshiba Asteon 4 Slice Scanner with 3D applications.

MRI: Installed in 2009 as the first MRI in Palakkad, our 0.3 T Siemens MRI with TIM technology provides routine and specialised MRI Studies including Brain, Spine (Whole Spine Screening), Joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle), Pelvis along with Angiography and Venography.

SCANNING & X-RAY: The digital X-Ray Unit at Thangam, comprises a modern ultrasound machine with facilities for Doppler, Transrectal and Transvaginal Scanning, Spiral CT, Mammography and MRI.


Thangam Hospital has its own in-house, autonomous pharmacy that works 24x7 to ensure that the hospital's every need, i.e. both pharmaceutical or medicinal drugs, or medical and therapeutic aids, is satisfied. Manned by experienced pharmacists this modern air conditioned unit relies on a combination of scientific modular shelving and an innovative, customer friendly computer aided communication system, to ensure efficiency and prompt service. We also have separate counters for in- patients, out–patients and dispensing, with multiple cash counters, in order to drastically reduce waiting time.

The whole gamut of items are superior quality products, while purchase, sale and inventory management are handled by well trained staff and management professionals. Currently we are in the process of securing smart cards for regular customers, adding dispensing outlets around the hospital, and putting in place a delivery mechanism to assist in simplifying retail further.


Physiotherapy is a health care profession primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention.

At Thangam Hospital we have a full-fledged Physiotherapy Unit with qualified and experienced Physiotherapists to provide the necessary guidance and treatment to patients.


Stem Cell Therapy as an intervention strategy involves the introduction of new adult stem cells into damaged tissue to treat an illness, and is being touted as a great alternative for the treatment of several genetic diseases, cancers and blood disorders. In support of such cutting edge scientific research, Thangam Hospital now offers facilities to collect stem cells of new born infants, ensuring that you have a say in safeguarding their future.


Our Cardiology Department is the first of its kind in Palakkad, and provides full-fledged heart care with 24 hour Doctor Service (Interventional Cardiology).

Our Cath lab unit performs Angiogram, Angioplasty, Stenting, Pacemaker Implantations and other interventional procedures. It is a full-fledged department equipped with state of the art Multiple Colour Doppler, Holter and Treadmill.

We provide treatment for:
Myocardial Infarction Heart Failure Cardiomyopathies Hypertension Congenital Cardiac Problems


A clean and spacious, vegetarian canteen is located on campus at Thangam, where modern kitchen amenities ensure that the food is hygienically prepared, and attentive wait staff provide fast and friendly service. Room-service facilities cater to in-patient requirements and a qualified dietitian oversees a changing seasonal menu so that the nutritional requirements of patients (with a special emphasis on new mothers and diabetic, cardiac, and post- operative cases) are met while using the freshest ingredients available.

Additionally there are multiple tea and coffee kiosks as well as sandwich bars and snacks stands scattered across the estate for the convenience of visitors.


ATM facility within the Hospital Automated World Class Hospital Management Software System
Mobile Recharge Counter Campus Parking Doctors’ Quarters Hostel Facilities for Staff
Wi-Fi Internet Connection Elevator Service Telephone Service (7 dedicated lines and fax)
Round the Clock Security Services Centralised Generator Backup Conference Hall
Rooftop Auditorium Drinking Water Facilities Coffee and Tea Kiosks Snack Bar

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